Welcome back to another edition of the “5 Questions With …” series of interrogations pleasant back-and-forth discussions with Portland-area entrepreneurs!  This time, certified personal trainer/professional bellydance instructor/healthy eating chef  (she has a lot of jobs!) Jaya Krupp talks with Portland freelance writer Mahesh Raj Mohan:

Jaya Krupp

Mahesh Raj Mohan: You’re kind of a triathlete … you offer personal training, bellydancing instruction, and in-home cooking classes.  Why do you focus on these three particular areas?

Jaya Krupp: I like the idea of being a business triathlete! Each one of these areas brings out a part of myself that I can offer to my clients. To me healthy eating and fitness are a perfect fit and there really is not one without the other. It’s all about whole body health and teaching these things together enables a better outcome for my clients and, in return, for me.

MRM: How did you get involved with personal training and bellydancing?

JK: Bellydancing was my first love as far as a physical practice.  It is something I started doing in my early twenties, and it also has graciously taken a back seat while I have pursued other passions. Personal training is really just a perfect fit for me. I get to work with people one-on-one which I love. The health aspects resonate well with me because I live what I teach. I really enjoy bringing health to my clients’ lives.

MRM: During your presentation two weeks ago, you focused on helping people maintain a positive mindset.  Is “mental wellness” part of your approach to each of your offerings?

JK: Yes, I am a big believer in the laws of attraction. I use the idea that we create our reality and bring to us our lessons in all facets of life. Especially in business! I am not really into preaching, but I would like to think that my positive outlook seeps into all that I do.

MRM: As time goes on, do you think you’ll focus on one service more than the others?

JK: Right now I am happy with the balance that I have struck, although I can see myself putting more energy into the healthy eating portion of my business. I would like to write a cookbook and continue teaching and learning about health and the way food affects us.

MRM: What’s your take on the Portland Trailblazers this season?

JK: Oh man, this may make me seem lame but I really have no take on the team. I am not a sports buff! I love the athleticism but I am anything but competitive. I tend to root for the under dog just because I hate to see people lose.  Sorry TB fans!

Thanks Jaya!

Jaya rocks; you can check out her testimonials here and contact her at jayakrupp[at]gmail.com for more information.

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