Welcome back to another edition of “5 Questions With …”  We’ll be playing catch-up over the next couple of weeks, trying to sync the 5 Questions with the NWNP Jedi who is presenting during our weekly meeting at Jake’s Famous Crawfish.  Today, Krissy Lindquist, Samurai Warrior Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) talks about her business,  Achieve Through Massage, with writer Mahesh Raj Mohan.

Krissy Lindquist

Mahesh Raj Mohan: How did you get involved with shiatsu massage therapy?

Krissy Lindquist: At Oregon School of Massage, students choose to direct their study in either the Eastern or Western track, after taking a few classes of each.  This was when I got my first real taste of Shiatsu and the all-encompassing theory of Eastern medicine.  There was no doubt in my mind that I felt much more of a connection to Shiatsu and its background than the other approaches.

MRM: What makes shiatsu massage different from other types of massage?

KL: There are no lubricants (gels or oils) and comfortable clothes are worn the entire time.  Clients are engaged through a sequence of rhythmic stretches, breaths, compressions, and finger pressure. Shiatsu addresses not only pain, tension, or discomfort, but the underlying relationships such as climate, emotion, and lifestyle as a primary source of pathogens. The general aim of most Western styles of massage are concerned with easing tension on a just the muscular level.

MRM: People are familiar with the relaxation benefits from massage, but your approach is definitely wellness-oriented.  How can shiatsu help a patient’s overall wellness?

KL: With Shiatsu’s theory deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is the essence of prevention rather than simply treating the symptoms. Preventing illness or stress (emotional or physical) before it occurs or becomes chronic, is an ultimate goal. People want to feel relaxed during a massage but most people also want to feel empowered to maintain their health.  This is something I feel I do well!

MRM: Does teaming up with another business (PDX Acupuncture) help your business?

KL: Oh my goodness … yes! I have learned that being comfortable and confident in your surroundings makes people trust you that much more with their health; it also shows in your work. I could not have asked for more in regard to having the most comforting atmosphere inside PDX.  Since Shiatsu and acupuncture are very similar, people often respond well to both, and tend to layer treatments together! Giving people several wellness options in the same office creates an easy referral system.  Lara is just the best.

MRM: You’re a Portland Trailblazers fan … and their success has been a bit … scattershot this season … any thoughts on how the rest of the season will go?

KL: Well currently we are on quite a streak so … our bench is probably the most impressive out there and that’s what has always carried our team. As long as we continue to wear our “3 Goggles,” we will be fine.  Can they get on the prevention program already! Lara and I are waiting…

MRM: Okay, bonus question, since your humble interviewer missed your presentation two weeks ago … what did your presentation focus on?

KL: How to better network with your groups LMT.   My outline is below!

-How well do you network with your NWNP massage therapist?
-Yes or No
-I have had my complimentary 30 min with Krissy
-I have taken advantage of NWNP specials
-I am currently following Achieve Through Massage on twitter
-I have referred a friend/family
-I have visited the Achieve website
-I have signed up for Achieve newsletter
-I am familiar with Supportland
-I have registered my Supportland card
-I have visited the Supportland website
-I need a massage!

Sooo …  let’s get the group signed up to my newsletter, Supportland newsletter, Twitter, on the schedule! I want to be as accessible as possible- I want to know that you trust me and want to get the most out of your massage. I will send out specials by Twitter and Facebook, etc.  So take advantage.

New hours/days:  Mondays (beginning in Feb), Wednesdays, Fridays

Krissy is an amazing LMT, and I encourage folks to give shiatsu massage a try!  To schedule an appointment, use the handy contact form on her website.

As always, feel free to come to our meetings, Every Wednesday, 11:45 a.m. Jake’s Famous Crawfish, 401 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97205.

See ya soon!

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