Hi all, and welcome back to the 5 Questions Inquisition, er,  Pleasant Q&A!  I hope your first week of December has treated you well.  This week Mahesh Raj Mohan interviews Dominic Scott, the super-cool and calm secret insurance agent with American Family Insurance, and a founding member of Northwest Networking Professionals.

Dominic Scott

Mahesh Raj Mohan: How did you get started in the insurance field?

Dominic Scott: Prior to getting into the insurance industry, I knew some successful insurance agents and admired their lifestyles and work/life balance.  Also, my agent was with American Family.  So I knew in advance that it was a great insurance company.  I expressed my interest of a career in the insurance industry to my agent and got an opportunity to get into the business.  Here I am today.

MRM: What are the top misconceptions people have about home/auto insurance?

DS: I would say the top misconceptions regarding Auto & Home insurance are that people often think that their coverage is all-inclusive just because they have an insurance policy.  However, since today’s consumer demands choices, most insurance contracts are not all-inclusive.  Unfortunately, many of these individuals do not find this out until they need to file a claim.  To avoid having these issues, I spend time with my clients “before they buy” their policies by meeting with them and gathering information about them and their possessions and explain coverage options and make appropriate recommendations.  I also spend time with my clients “after they have purchased” insurance with me.  I review their policies with them because their insurance needs change as their lives change.  For example, marriage, children, big ticket purchases, etc., can influence the types of policies and coverage they need.

MRM: What mistakes do a lot of insurance agents make?

DS: As a small business owner, you really have to love what you do.  I think some agents get into the biz not knowing what to expect, and then find out that it’s not the right career for them.  I really love being an insurance agent.  I also truly believe and have seen that American Family is a great insurance company backing me and my policyholders.

MRM: How does Dominic kick back and chill out?

DS: To chill, I enjoy watching movies with my wife on the weekends.  I also enjoy reading various business books.  A lot of my free time consists of either playing or watching sports.  I love playing basketball and golf.  I also run and snowboard occasionally.

MRM: Adam seemed to think that the Blazers weren’t going to make the Finals.  Your thoughts?

DS: I start focusing on the NBA as football season winds down.  But from what I’ve seen of the Blazers so far this season, and losing Greg Oden for yet another year, I’d have to say that while I’d love to see the Blazers in the NBA finals, I don’t see it happening this year.

However, as an avid Duck fan, my sights right now are set on hopefully seeing the Ducks win the BCS National Title for the first time ever.

Thanks for sitting in the hot seat, Dominic!  If you need to ask Dominic any questions, e-mail him at DSCOTT[at]amfam[dot]com.

As always, feel free to come to our meetings, Every Wednesday, 11:45 a.m. Jake’s Famous Crawfish, 401 SW 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97205.

See ya next week!

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